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OMG… they now do emoji t-shirts!

monkeySo, I think we all know that emojis are about the best thing ever to happen to iphones. They are just so much fun, especially the little monkey face ones – adorable!

Well, I have the best news ever for you all. You can now get clothes with emojis on! Yes, that’s right, you can wear a tee with your own little dancing lady, emoji animal, or happy face. Amazing, right?!

Website Zazzle has a whole range of the designs at £12.95 per shirt.

Admittedly, the t-shirts aren’t the most flattering in the world – they are just a standard plain white tee. However, they are pretty fun. I know that I’m definitely going to have to buy one, even if it’s a snoozy face design for bed.

Happy shopping! emohi handbag