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Wednesday remix: Florence + The Machine – ‘Shake it Out’ (Benny Benassi Remix)

I’ve posted a few remixes on the blog before, however I’ve decided to come up with a new feature.

Basically, I’ll post you my favourite remix of the week every Wednesday to keep you going until the weekend!

This week I’ve picked this Benny Benassi remix of Florence + The Machine’s ‘Shake it Out’. The first time I heard this version, I instantly loved it.

I mean, this was a tune already, but this remix just takes it to new levels. It really makes me want Flo to come back too – where has she disappeared to>

Anyway, enjoy!

Sam x

My favourite new remixer: Prillen

People who know me will know that I absolutely LOVE a good remix, so I am always on the hunt for them.

However, sometimes I happen to stumble on a really great one, which was what happened today. I was just browsing on Tumblr when I happened to find this awesome new Katy Perry x Iggy Azalea remix of ‘I Kissed a Girl’ and ‘Fancy’ (below). I love both of these songs, so I had to have a listen… and I definitely loved what I heard.

Chilled, cool and suarve, this track just HAS it. I was taken with it literally from the first note.

Obviously, then I had to find out who made the track, so I clicked on the Prillen‘s Twitter account which was attached to the post. Considering the Tumblr post of the song had nearly 9,000 notes, I was surprised to find that Prillen only has 154 followers on Twitter. This guy is definitely a a musical mastermind, so I would definitely recommend you give him a follow.

I also checked out some of his other remixes on his Soundcloud page. Again, I stumbled on some more I love, such as his version of Kesha‘s ‘Your Love Is My Drug’ and his ‘Cockiness’ remix.

As well as music, I also saw on Prillen’s website that he’s an artist – what a talented guy huh!

But anyways, I thought I would just write a post to share with you this guy’s genius, as I certainly enjoyed it. Let me know what you think of the track, or any of his other work, below!

Sam x