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Superdrug is introducing Braid Bars to its stores

Braid BarSo there’s some exciting news for beauty fans… Superdrug has just announced you will now be able to get your hair plaited while you shop as it is introducing Braid Bars to five of its stores this year!

The Braid Bars will offer a menu of braided and plaited hairstyles, with prices starting at a bargain price of £10.

The first Superdrug Braid Bar will open in Superdrug’s Westfield White City store in November. Stores in Manchester, Birmingham, Bristol and a second London store will all offer the service before the end of 2015.

What’s better is that you don’t even need to book – it will just be a walk-in service!

A similar service is already offered in Topshop.

Happy braiding 🙂

Hair questions #1: Messy bun – Do or don’t?

messy bunWe all know that hair is a big thing to females…

Having a good hair style can either be a day-maker or a day-breaker, with us women instantly getting a boost if our ‘do is on point.

So, in light of this, I have a big hair-related question for you all today; are messy buns a fashion do or a fashion don’t?

I’m not talking around the house obviously, as we all know that this is the perfect style to rock when you are trying to brush your teeth and cleanse your face, I’m talking about OUT IN PUBLIC. As in, letting the whole wide world see your messy (but actually kinda perfected) ‘do.

For me, I have definitely worn this style a few times (see right) and not just to the gym. You see, my work allows for casual dress, so I have often rocked this hair with like a jersey t-shirt, as kind of like a sporty but smart look. I do worry sometimes that rocking this does make me seem younger however, as it’s kind of like the hairstyle you had when you were five, or even like a ‘hipster’ who is just too cool to worry about what their hair looks like.

The thing is, my hair is quite short at the moment too (just above shoulder length), so putting in up like this gives a longer effect to my hair. It also means I can do something different with it on days I am bored of wearing it down.

So what is your opinion? Do you like your hair to be perfectly sleek or coifed, or are you a fan of the messy/just-out-of-bed look once in a while?

I think I am going to experiment with both still whilst I can still get away with it in my twenties!

Sam x