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That time I escaped from fitness camp…

Hey all.

So a personal post for me this time…

Never quite happy with my shape, I decided to embark on pastures new and signed up for a 3-day fitness camp at Hillmotts in Oxfordshire this week.

41310807_306051759949688_2748652582653132800_nHowever, I wish I hadn’t.

Basically, I ended up escaping (yes actually escaping) after just a day and a half as I was in agony from the intense workouts.

I know going to a camp like this, you’re going to be worked hard. However, I felt like I was pushed way too far in the HIIT (high-intensity) workouts straight away – leaving me in pain and unable to do anything else.

Advised by my campmates that being in pain was the norm, I tried to push through, however ended up pretty much in tears mid-hike as I couldn’t keep up as my legs just wouldn’t work.

The instructors looked at me a bit like I was being a drama queen after already telling me off in workouts as I should do better as I’m ‘young’ (I’m not that young thanks, I’m 28).

However I FINALLY convinced them to let me go back to the house alone and mourn my legs while rested up in bed.

I was then that I realised no beach bod was worth this as I phoned my trusty Dad Glynn (known as Glenda – don’t ask).

Ever the gent, he asked me if I wanted him to pick me up, even though he was in Portsmouth.

I pretended to think about this for half an hour before my bags were literally packed and I was awaiting his arrival at a disused bus shelter after sneaking out before the doors were locked at 9pm (!!). 41092111_525744691221191_4530638830205665280_n

Finally I was set free and didn’t face the agony of doing another burpee while my legs felt like they would break in two.

Overall, I don’t massively regret the experience as it gave me a good story and the people (who weren’t the instructors) were nice. The food was also tasty and I was surprised by how little food would fill me up.

But overall, I wouldn’t recommend it to anyone seeking to loose weight.

I like to think of myself as fairly active and go to the gym regularly but the workouts are just way too hard for any normal person.

That’s just my opinion anyway.

I’d recommend just having a week off, going to the gym most days and trying to eat healthy if you can. It’ll definitely save you a few quid and hobbling in pain for a week after like me.

But hey, you might be a sucker for suffering – it’s up to you pals!

Sam ūüôā



Ted Baker launches activewear collection

ted bakerTed Baker has announced it is getting all sporty by introducing an activewear collection.

The ten-piece collection, which is available now, is based around maroon/rose tones and floral patterns. It is made from special sports fabrications, so it is actually useful on a run, or down the gym!

Featured in the collection, is leggings, sports vests and sports bras that will all help you look fabulous whilst working up a sweat.

Check out the collection on the Ted Baker website here.

Fashion post: So I’m currently sports obsessed

my nikesSo the title speaks for itself really, I am currently obsessed with buying and wearing sportswear.

It all started when I got a new pair of Nike trainers for the gym. At the same time, I also bought a sports luxe blazer that I happened to stumble on in Primark too. Those two combined started this dangerous new fixation with all these sports.

For the first time ever, instead of Topshop and Asos, I was scanning the online stores of Nike and Adidas religiously and I still am a few weeks on!

Today I bought some Nike Air Force 1’s from Schuh (see right) as well as some hi tops off Ebay, however it hasn’t stopped my craving. As soon as I got home I went on the Adidas website, adding about five pairs of shoes to my ‘shopping cart’ as well as some cute jackets. I just can’t stop myself!

Luckily, I didn’t actually purchase these latter items that I put in my bag, otherwise I really would be broke. Instead I decided to write this blogpost to share my new found sporty favourites with you and lust in them online, rather than raid my purse again.

At least buying sports items are practical I guess, especially as this time of year as trainers are always good for festivals and outdoor stuff, as are jackets when it gets cold in the evening.

Anyway, check out my favourite must-have sports items below and know that if you buy any I will be immensely jealous!

Much love,

Sam x

sweatshirt    nike  F78818_F_Torso_B2CCat

(L-R) Adidas Supergirl Hip-Hop Track Jacket Р£60, Nike Dunk Sky Hi Print Р£71.89, Adidas Chiffon Flower Jacket Р£37.

nike blazer  colour  leopard


(L-R) Nike Blazer Mid iD Р£90, Colorado Windbreaker Р£23, Adidas ZX 700 Shoes Р£65


Spring walk along Portsdown Hill

p hill 5Now that the temperature is finally warming up, it’s actually possible to take evening walks without freezing to death!

This is great news for me because it means I can spend less time in the gym and more time exercising outside. You see, you may not think that walking is a great exercise, but I have to tell you that after I had walked up, along and down this hill the other day I was more achy than I had been in ages!

Living in Farlington, just outside Portsmouth, I am lucky in that I am close to the town but also have the countryside near to be as well. To make the most of this, I decided to walk up Portsdown Hill nearby the other day.

Now if you live in Hampshire, you may know this hill as the home of ‘Mick’s Burger Van’ – ¬†a food van which is famous for its huge, but yummy burgers. Luckily, I’d already had a Nandos this evening so I didn’t indulge and could concentrate on the exercise!

I started at the right-hand base of the hill, with an opening just at the Tesco Express in Farlington. I like entering here as halfway up the hill there are ponies in the fields and I always give them a little wave on my way up. I then walked all away along the top and then back down to Cosham before I headed home.

Overall, my walk took me about 1 hour & 15 minutes, which definitely stretched my legs out and made me sleep well that night!

If you have any fields or countryside near you, I would definitely recommend you make the most of it while its warm as it’s such relaxing and more strenuous that you would think. If you live in Hampshire definitely try doing this walk or head up the hill at night where the views are amazing – overlooking the whole of Portsmouth and the Isle of Wight.

I’ve included some pictures of my walk below…

Sam x