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Label Love: NICCE London

Today’s post is all about a clothing label I have come to love – NICCE London.

The streetwear brand is new on the scene – only being established last year. However, it’s already become increasingly popular in its field, thanks to its contemporary designs and clean, classic cuts.

I found the label when I was hunting for new finds in the botton of the Oxford Street Topshop where the brand is stocked and I’m so glad I did, as it’s fast becoming a firm fashion favourite of mine.

Below I’m wearing the brand’s classic t-shirt which was £28. I loved this due to its simplicity and it literally goes with anything. As you can see, I went for an urban look and dressed it with a chunky chain and orange nails. However, if you want a more sophisticated look I’d recommend teaming it with skinny jeans and pointy heels.

As well as being stylish, prices are reasonable too, with the dearest items only setting you back around £45.

Check out some of my favourite pieces from the brand below and go to their website for more and to shop! Also me know what you think of NICCE London by leaving a comment below if you get a minute!

Sam x

black_crop_1024x1024  bjersey_sweat_largenicce

blackfront_large      baseball_large

Get it right: Dressing for the office

writing 2Dressing for the office can be a tricky one. Get it right and it could help you land your way to that promotion, however getting it wrong could lead you to become the laughing stock of the workplace. That’s why I’ve created this handy guide so that you can bluff your way to the perfect professional look from now on.

Don’t go too tight and skimpy

The first rule for office dressing is to not show off too much. You may think that your bum-skimming dress make you look dead sexy, but they really won’t do you any favours in an office environment. For one, it may attract some unwanted attention from a colleague, which could lead to extremely awkward situations. People are also not likely to take you that seriously in the workplace if you are showing them what you had for breakfast.

Avoid frumpiness

Although you don’t want to be showing off the outline of your butt cheeks, don’t feel like you have to dress like a nun in the workplace. You don’t have to wear a dress right down to your ankles for people to take you seriously. The trick is to dress for your body in the right way. Make sure all your clothes are the correct size and flatter your figure nicely for a winning combination.

Buy staple items

Those who work full-time spend most of their week in the office, which means a lot of different outfits. It’s understandable that you may want to impress your colleagues with your wide array of fashionable items, but if you’re not careful this could lead to a big credit card bill. The trick to keep your work wardrobe and your bank balance happy is to invest in staple items that will see you through. This means key items such as a pencil skirt, smart trousers and a handful of nice shirts and blouses. If you cleverly mix and match these items then you will keep your workwear style fresh all season.

Go for the best quality you can afford

Although you don’t want to max out your cards on your office wardrobe, it is advisable to buy the best quality you can afford. A well-made item is far more likely to see you through the year than something you picked up for a pound in a jumble sale. It is also a lot less likely to fall apart when you are having that important meeting.

Invest in your footwear

There is nothing worse than someone wearing terrible shoes – it is just a fact. Even if you have spent hundreds of pounds on an outfit for work, wearing a pair of tatty old shoes that you have had for the last decade will leave you looking scruffy and unkempt. Make sure you have at least one good pair of black heels, which tend to go with everything. Flats are also great for the office, especially if you can’t hack it in stilettos all day.

Keep it clean

Of course what you wear matters, but even if you are wearing a smart outfit, you will not look your best if it is dirty, stained or un-ironed. For example, going into a meeting in some trousers with half of yesterday’s lunch down them hardly screams professional does it? It may even be a good idea to keep a spare outfit in your desk drawer in case of any lunchtime mishaps.

So there you have it, your perfect guide to office dressing success! Now go wow your colleagues and clients…

Cleated soles: The shoe style of this season

Now if you love shoes then you will have noticed that cleated soles are EVERYWHERE at the moment.

I have to say, I can’t get enough of them personally. Not only have they updated shoes making them much more modern & edgy, they are also great for summer as they match in perfectly with pastels, especially when they’re in white.

Take a look at my top cleated sole shoes around at the moment below…

cleated sole collage


(From Left to Right Clockwise)

H&M Black Platform Sandals (£24.99)       

River Island Metallic Block Heel Sandals (£40)  

Schuh Ice Cream Sandals (£40)

Topshop White Arcade Cut Out Boots (£42)  

New Look Black & White Ankle Boots (£20.50)

Miss Selfridge Attitude Lace Boot (£35)  

Check out the new Kate Moss Topshop collection!

Kate Moss is back with a new Topshop collection!

Yes, seven years on from when she presented her first collaboration with the brand, the legendary model is making fashion fans happy by working with the high street favourite again.

Excitingly enough, official images have been released today which show you some of the items that will feature in the new range! As you will see from the pictures belong, Ms Moss is definitely loving fringing in this new line, which comes perfect just ahead of something. She has also incorporated elaborate embroidery and unique patterns, as well as a splash of leather, stars and chiffon.

The new line comes after Kate was named as a contributing fashion editor to British Vogue earlier this year – showing she is still on top when it comes to the modelling world!

You will be able to buy the collection from Topshop instore and online from April 30. The line will also be stocked at Nordstrom, Nordstrom.com and Net-a-porter.com

Check out the images below and let me know what you think!

Sam x



Topshop teaming up with Adidas on new sports collection!

addidasFed up of wearing those unattractive tracksuit bottoms to the gym?

Well then you’re in luck Topshop has announced it is collaborating with Adidas on a brand sports collection!

According to vogue.co.uk, the 20-piece will contain the likes of tailored tracksuit bottoms, complete with the iconic Adidas triple stripe, as well as logo hoodies, scoop neck vests and floral shorts. Sounds amazing, right?!

According to wwd.com,  Topshop’s creative director, Kate Phelan said the line is supposed to reflect femininity and fashion, as well as being suitable for fitness performance.

As well as clothes, there will also be shoe line too, so you’ll even be able to get yourself decked out with some cute new kicks.

I’ve got to say, I am actually really excited about this news, as I love both brands so much. I’ve recently just started going to the gym a lot more too & have been struggling to find some cute gymwear, so it literally feels like my fashion prayers have been answered!

The collection will be in stores from March 20.

I literally can’t wait!

Sam x

It’s all about: Tartan

tartanHello everyone,

This is my first post where I am going to focus on a current trend that’s huge at the moment. However, instead of just showing you who’s wearing it today, I’m going to take you back into the past a little to provide fun facts about where it came from & how it became so popular in the first place.

This post is all about tartan! The trend has been huge for 2014 so far, featured in numerous stores and also being rocked by a host of celebs including Lady Gaga, Kanye West, Beyonce and Rita Ora – who turned up looked fab in the material at New York Fashion show just this week.

But how did tartan gain its rise to fame and what’s the story behind the material? Find out with my fun facts below, some may surprise you…

#1 We all know that tartan is from Scotland right? Well apparently its not!  According to the textile historian E. J. W. Barber, the first traces of tartan were actually found on the British Isles

#2 Tartan was a big hit with the royals back in the day. King George IV started a big trend for the material over in Britain when he visited Edinburgh back in 1822 and Queen Victoria & Prince Albert even decked out Balmoral Castle in a “Scots Baronial” style – e.g. lots of tartan

#3 Due to its ties with royalty and the military, tartan has always been associated with dignity and exclusivity

#4 Tartan became big in fashion during the Victorian and Edwardian periods – where it became a material for women’s clothes, as well as mens

#5 The material was synonymous was the punk fashion look of the 1980s, heavily led by Vivienne Westwood and hardcore bands such as Minor Threat and Fear

#6 Different patterns of tartan represent different Scottish clans who’s name have to be specially approved by the State of Scotland

And there you have it – you can now impressive your mates with all your tartan knowledge!

Let me know if you love the material and who you think has rocked it best recently. I’ve included some of my favourite tartan looks from late below…

Sam x

Cheap Frills: My new jewellery favourite

cheap frillsI love wearing different jewellery and matching it with the outfit you’re wearing each day, so I am always on the look out for new brands.

I happened to stumble across Cheap Frills when I was looking at the blog Milkteef where I noticed Emma wearing her gorgeous fox necklace in her tartan scarf post. I clicked the link and knew I had struck it lucky when I saw all of the gorgeous designs on the Cheap Frills site.

The jewellery is also handmade by Brighton creator Georgia, who started the company in 2011. All the designs are also really usually, which is great if you want to stand out and make sure no one else is wearing the same as you!

My first who purchases were the ‘hello’ and boat necklace (both right). I loved these two pieces, as I thought the ‘hello’ necklace would add character to any outfit, whilst the boat necklace would go perfect over a woolly jumper/dress combo.

I could have bought tons more items, however I was trying to limit myself!

You will love the packaging too if you order something from the site, as it comes in a cute stripy bag, complete with a rubber seal – uber elegant!

CLICK HERE to check out the site & there is also a gallery below of some of my favourite items available on there at the moment.

Sam x