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WATCH: 100 Movies Dance Scenes Mashup To Bruno Mars – ‘Uptown Funk’

Love a good film and a good dance? Well then have I got a video for you…

The clever people over at What’s the Mashup have only gone and created this amazing mashup video of 100 of the best dance scenes from some of our favourite movies.

Included in the vid is scenes from Flashdance, Dirty Dancing, Austin Powers, American Pie and my personal favourite – Magic Mike, all set to Bruno Mars’ smash hit ‘Uptown Funk’. 

Enjoy and prepare to be amazed…

This Week’s Friday Tunage: Lou Van – ‘My Love’

Hey everyone, and happy Friday!

Who’s excited for the weekend? Because I know I am! And what better way to kick off your weekend than by listening to an absolute TUNE of a song.

My pick this week to give you that Friday feeling is Lou Van – ‘My Love’ (below). I discovered this track whilst listening to a ‘Massive Dance Hits’ playlist on Spotify, and it didn’t disappoint me, as it led me straight to this happy little track.

The perfect dancefloor beat, and catchy baseline will have you moving at your desk and thinking about all those tequilas you’ll be drinking later.

You can check out more of Lou’s tunage array on his Soundcloud here.

Once again, happy Friday, have a good one people!

Sam x