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Beauty Review: Soap & Glory Exfoliating Scrub Gloves

scrub glovesSo today’s review I’m going to talk about one of my favourite new items I’ve bought in ages – Soap & Glory‘s Exfoliating Scrub Gloves.

As you can tell by that introduction, I really liked this product. You see, I’m really particular with body exfoliator. I find that most of them aren’t gritty enough and don’t feel like they’re actually even doing anything, so it annoys me as I can pay out a lot for a product and feel like I haven’t got much in return. However, I definitely don’t feel that what about these gloves.

You’ve probably got the gist, but to explain them properly, they are exfoliating mitts that you just put on like normal gloves and use in the shower. You don’t have to use any extra exfoliating product with them – just squeeze some of your normal body wash onto the product, lather up and you’re away.

As you can see, the product is really easy to use and it totally works too. The gloves give you a nice, deep scrub that feels like it’s actually doing it’s job, without feeling harsh on the skin. They are also really cost-effective, as they are only £4 and will last much, much longer than a bottle of exfoliator. Being pink, they also look totally pretty hanging in the shower.

So my advice is definitely to give these a go! I would say to use them 2-3 times a week in the shower for silky smooth legs, making sure you apply moisturiser after. You can buy them from Boots here.

Happy scrubbing and let me know what you think of the gloves if you try them out!

Sam x

*Offer alert*: Get a free Max Factor gift set when you spend over £15 at Boots

max factorCalling all bargain hunters and freebie hunters… I have an amazing deal to bring to your attention.

I popped into Boots on my lunch at work today as I needed to buy another mascara (Max Factor Masterpiece Max if you were wondering…). I was just going to buy the one, however I saw a sign saying that you get a free gift set if you spend over £15.

Now, considering the mascara is £10 on its own & I wear it pretty much everyday, I thought why not buy two. Yep that’s right, they had me sucked in (who doesn’t love a gift set).

To be honest though, I wasn’t really expecting much from the set, as usually you get one good product and then maybe some miniatures & something you’ll never use when it’s free. However, this set is actually so good.

Instead of minis you get full size products. These include a Colour Elixir lipgloss in ‘Polished Fuchsia’, a Glossfinity nail polish in ‘Forever Glam’ as well as a False Lash Effect mascara. The only disappointing thing is that the mascara is black/brown & is a waterproof one and we all know how annoying they are to get off, but it may be handy for summer! 

Anyway, the overall set is worth £27 which isn’t bad if you usually use Max Factor products anyway like I do. The deal is exclusively available in Boots so don’t go arguing with the cashier in Superdrug if she doesn’t let you have any free stuff!

You can either keep the set for yourself, or could even give it to your Mum for Mother’s Day.

Anyway I thought I’d just let you know so all you make-up fans didn’t miss out!

Sam x