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Throwback TV: My amazing idea

Saved by the BellSo I  woke up this morning with an amazing idea.

Scrolling through my Instagram, I noticed some #ThrowbackThursday pictures. Standard, seeing that it is a Thursday. However, one of the fashion accounts I follow had posted a picture of Zac from nineties show ‘Saved By The Bell’.

Now, if you are too young to remember what that show is then you might as well stop reading now, seriously. But for the rest of you nineties veterans, you know what I’m on about right? The old gang, Zac, Screech, Kelly, A.C. Slater – those were the good old days right?!

I found myself thinking ‘Wow, wouldn’t it be cool to watch some of the episodes again’. I mean, I remember that I loved it, but I can’t remember any of the jokes or anything anymore, which is a bit sad. Not just ‘Saved By The Bell’ either, there are loads of nineties shows I’d loved to watch again; ‘Sister Sister’, ‘Boy Meets World’, ‘Sabrina The Teenage Witch’ and even cartoons such as ‘Recess’, ‘Doug’ and ‘Hey Arnold!.

So my great idea is that some TV exec out there should great a TV channel that shows such programmes (obviously stating me as the source of the inspiration). I thought that it could be called Throwback TV. I’m pretty sure that it would be one of the most popular channels.

They could even show classic films too like ‘The Parent Trap’ and the one where they Olsen twins explore Rome (I can’t remember the title). It would be amazing! I mean, they still show re-runs of ‘Friends’, so why not anything else?

Wow guys, I think I have just found a new career path as a TV exec!

Sam x


Plead to Katie Price – Stay single for a while!

kp1I’m sure that most of you by now would have heard that Katie Price has split from her latest husband, stripper Kieran Hayler…I mean what with Katie revealing the news herself from a string of tweets, the news isn’t going to stay secret for very long.

But if, by some chance, you haven’t heard yet. Katie revealed earlier this week that she was divorcing hubby Kieran after finding out he was having an affair with her best friend Jane Poutney for the last seven months.

She wrote on her Twitter timeline: “Sorry to say me and kieran are divorcing him and my best friend jane pountney bee having a full blown sexual affair for 7 months.”

The model added:  “No human being deserves this especially being 6 months pregnant. Worse pain in the world.”

Now don’t get me wrong, of course I feel sorry for Katie. I can’t think of anything worse than being six months pregnant with someones baby and then finding out that they are cheating on me with my best friend. It is absolutely unacceptable and I don’t know how Kieran manages to live with himself.

What I do also feel though is that there has been a pattern in the model’s life, that she needs to change. The fact is she can’t be single. As soon as one relationship ends, she’s with some other guy a few months or even weeks later. Call  me cynical, but I don’t know how you will be able to find a meaningful partner who you genuinely love and who cares about you that quick.

It seems like instead of healing after a relationship fails and thinking about how things went wrong, Katie just jumps into her next relationship. It is always with some tanned ‘hunk’ who I guess she thinks other women will be jealous of too. I mean, I’m not saying that people don’t have a type & muscly, tanned men can’t be nice. However, she just seems like she always goes for this stereotypical muscle man who screws her over.

The exception is obviously Peter Andre. I think we all know that they had real love and shared something special. However I don’t think Katie is over the relationship whatsoever, even after all these years that they split, so I think she feels like she always has to get one up on Pete and try to make him jealous. By doing this she is rushing into relationships that she isn’t fully committed too.

This would be fine, except fkpor the fact that Katie is a mother. It is not fair that she keeps introducing her children to these new men only for them to disappear a little while later and confuse them all over again. Plus, they don’t want to see their mother hurt and she is definitely going to be that if she keeps getting into relationships with these kind of men. They will just see a pattern of men coming into their lives and upsetting their Mum, which is not a great basis for their view on relationships.

The fact that she is now bringing another child into the mix is also worse. She is going to be stuck with Kieran her whole live now, seeing as he is the father of her unborn child. All she is doing is causing herself unnecessary upset by getting involved with these men.

However, if she was single, I feel like Katie would actually be able to concentrate on herself and her family. She has beautiful children and tons of different work projects she can concentrate on – she needs to realise she doesn’t need a man to complete her happy ever after. She would also find that people would respect her so much more for this. I mean, all she is ever in the paper for at the moment is for being pregnant, having a row with Pete, or breaking up with someone.

So this is my plea to you Katie, stay single! For the sake of your children, career and wellbeing!



Why the cancer awareness selfie campaign totally worked

lolNow when I first saw that people were doing selfies to raise awareness for cancer , my first thought was “Really?”

I’m pretty sure you’ll be aware of what it is by now, but basically if you’re not, each girl  just has to post a photo to Facebook or Twitter, make-up free, in order to raise awareness for cancer. She then has to tag her friends in it and get them to do it too.

Basically, it is a replica of the ‘neck nominations’ which occurred on Facebook a couple of weeks ago where people had to film themselves downing a pint of alcohol and then tagging their friends.

To be honest I didn’t see how taking a photo of your face make-up free and then tagging your friends really helped cancer causes at all. It seems other people had the same opinion as me, as I started seeing statuses moaning about all the selfies. I also saw many people suggest that it is far better to donate money than just post a picture and getting 15 or so likes.

And that’s when it dawned on me how smart the campaign was.

Orgainsers saw what an uproar the neck nominations caused and jumped on it straight away. However, they used it for good instead of something stupid that ended up harming people. The fact that it did cause so many divided opinions and attention means so many people are donating that wouldn’t have done without it – which is a win in my eyes.

The thing is however that I’m unclear who is behind the campaign at the moment. I mean, I assumed it was Cancer Research UK, but the organisation issued a statement on its Facebook page claiming it wasn’t behind it.

Those at the charity did suggest that anyone who wants to help raise money for cancer research, selfie or not, should text BEAT to 70099 to donate £3, which is exactly what I did. You can also donate more here.

So, if you do post about cancer awareness, make sure you let your friends and followers know about the text number or the donation link. This will mean you will be actually raising money as well as bringing attention to the cause.

Sam x

P.s. I’ve included a no make-up selfie of myself above 😛

Diet Tip #1: Metcalfe’s skinny topcorn

popcornNow, being a lover of food, I definitely am not one of those girls who lives off just lettuce leaves every day to stay skinny.

However, due to the fact that my love for food is so vast, I have to make sure I have a few simple tricks to keep my figure in check, whilst still having some yummy treats everyday.

My latest discovering is Metcalfe’s skinny topcorn. Now, normal popcorn has been around for ages, being sold (highly over-priced might I add) in cinema’s for years. However, this is actually the yummiest popcorn I have ever tasted, I tell you.

It also really healthy too, with even less calories than most diet crisp brands. I bought a multi-pack of four of them today and there is just 52 calories in one of those bags, so practically nothing! Although you may think it’d be carby too, there are only 7 carbs in each of these bags, which again is less than a bag of crisps.

The flavours they do are amazing too. The ones I purchased today were sea salt, but they also do salt’n’sweet, which is divine. I saw in the store today too that they do spicy’n’sweet, which really intrigued me, but I wasn’t brave enough to try yet!

So basically, if you are a popcorn fan & looking for some healthy snacks to put in your desk drawer or kitchen cupboard, definitely invest in some of these. They also do family sized packs, which you could use to still be kind of healthy on DVD nights, rather than having a multi-pack of crisps or chocolate.

You can buy Metcalfe’s skinny topcorn from their site, or find it in most supermarkets.

Anyway thanks for reading & let me know what you think if you buy any & try some!

Sam x

Super Beauty Vanilla & Honey Body Scrub: Product Review

super beautySo, I haven’t done that many product reviews on my blog so far, however I just HAD to do one of this gorgeous product.

I must admit, I have a weakness for body scrubs, as I love it when you get out of the shower and your skin feels silky smooth. I had been using a sugar salt scrub for quite a while however, as I found that this really help to make my skin soft, but when I saw this product in the shop I just had to buy it.

This is the first product I have ever bought from Super Beauty. I haven’t really read any reviews on the company’s products before, so I didn’t know whether it was going to be any good. However, I was first drawn in by the cute packaging, which was bright clean and quirky (see image). I was then convinced further by the sound of the delicious ‘Vanilla & Honey’ flavour.

Now sometimes, these beauty products which claim to smell like certain things don’t at all, however I knew this wasn’t the case as soon as I opened the lid. On my first sniff my nostrils were filled will the glorious flavours of vanilla ice cream drizzled in honey. I actually had to stop myself trying to guzzle it down right there in the shop.

That was then it, the scrub was in my basket and was coming home with me! I was actually sad enough to be really excited about having a shower that evening and testing it to see if it worked as good as it smelt!

The scrub comes in a thin liquid form, rather than being a thicker, solid base, which means it glided over my skin easily, It also lathered up into a nice frothy foam.

Again as soon as it hit my skin I got that delicious smell which I first experienced in the shop. I am pleased to say that I could also still smell it on me after I got out of the shower, however unfortunately it was tainted a bit when I put a different moisturiser on.

What I would say is that this definitely isn’t the scrub for you if you are looking for something to properly exfoliate your skin. However it is great as an everyday scrub to give yourself a quick revitalization as well as a scent sensation whilst you are at it.

I got the scrub from Boots for £4.99, however is on sale on the site for a bargainous £2.49 at the moment (at the time of publishing), thanks to Boots’ half price sale on the brand’s line. I would definitely encourage to give it a try. I mean, that is less than one Starbucks!

I have just bought myself some of the Vanilla and Honey Bath & Shower Gel from the range as well as the Coconut and Acai Bath & Shower Gel, considering they are also only £2.49 each at the moment. I just wish there was a body moisturiser to try too, to help keep the scent on me longer!

All in all, I love the product and I would definitely recommend you give it a try. I have included a round up of the best points about the scrub below to give you a quick reminder of everything I mentioned in the blog.

Anyway bye for now & happy scrubbing!

Sam x

Best for:

  • Price (£2.49!)
  • Smell
  • Packaging


  • Not the best for exfoliation
  • Could improve on rest of product range

SAG Awards 2014: fashion verdict

We’ve only just had the excitement of all of the stunning dresses at the Golden Globes.

However, us red carpet fans have been treated to another big fashion event this week as the Screen Actors Guild (SAG) awards were hosted yesterday (Saturday 19) in LA.

Now, ‘American Hustle’ took the big movie gong of the night – winning the top honour of the Screen Actors Guild award. However who won in the fashion stakes?

Find out who I thought did below…


Lupita Nyong'o - GucciI don’t think that there is anybody else that can be crowned as the winner of this fash-off, other than Lupita Nyong’o. The 31-year-old looked absolutely radiant in her Gucci gown.

Stunningly finished with an embellished flower neckline, the dress fitted Lupita to perfection, showing of her slender figure. The colour of the dress, which she also teamed as her eyeshadow shade, also looked absolutely amazing with her skin tone.

As well as winning in the style stakes, the actress also picked up  Best Supporting Actress for her role in ’12 Years A Slave’ at the awards – topping of her night perfectly.

As well as Lupita, there were also some other ladies working it on the red carpet. This included Amy Adams, who looked every inch the Hollywood starlet in her Antonio Berardi. Elisabeth Moss was also totally working it her a red Michael Kors gown, as was Jennifer Garner in her simple, yet elegant MAX MARA strapless gown and drop earrings.

Jennifer Lawrence also got it totally right at the awards, after some criticised her dress at the Globes. She was rocking a sparkling strapless Christian Dior number that totally was right for her, considering her young age.

Then we had Helen Mirren, who was totally working it for the more mature lady in her Escada number, whilst Kelly Osborne dress perfect for her shape in Zac Posen.

Check out all the photos of these stunning ladies below and see if you agree…


Mayim BialikUnfortunately there were some ladies who, in my opinion, got it a tad wrong on the night. 

My award for biggest fashion blunder has to go to ‘The Big Bang Theory’s’ Mayim Bialik, who just went totally overboard will too much lace and purple silk. I would say that maybe the outfit could have looked a bit better if she had a hair down and more done, but I don’t think I can, as that gown is just a monstrosity, I am afraid. 

Closely following Mayim is Emma Thompson. She makes a great actress, however she definitely didn’t do us Brits proud at the award’s on Saturday with her outfit choice. The star wore a vintage gown with an odd pattern on the front and also committed the worse red carpet fashion blunder possible – she wore FLATS. I mean, I am all for a pair of flats in the daytime, but this is a top awards show Emma, make a bit of an effort please!

Clare Danes also didn’t do herself any favours in her Vionnet dress, which had an oddly-coloured see-through neckline as well as garish sequins. Meanwhile Sandra Bullock looked totally uncomfortable in her Lanvin number  and Cate Blanchett‘s pink Givenchy dress just didn’t seem to fit her style whatsoever

Then finally we have Mariah Carey… well, I think the photo speaks for itself. 

Poor effort ladies, must do better next time please!

Do you agree with my fashion hits and misses? Let me know!

Photo credit: Getty images

Golden Globes 2014: Fashion hits and misses

Now we all know that the Golden Globes are meant to be all about who’s down well in film and TV over the last year.

HOWEVER, true fashionistas know that it is all just about what people wear to the award’s ceremonies that is the main event.

And so… I have decided to share with you my fashion hits and misses of the night. Now, remember this is just my opinion, so don’t go getting all offended if I’ve dissed your favourite actress.

Anyways have a look a my verdicts and let me know if you agree or disagree!

Sam x


The main thing that qualifies something to be a hit for me on the Golden Globes red carpet is class. I mean, it’s one of the most sophisticated and glittering events of the calendar year, so you need a dress that is going to reflect that – which I think these ladies did perfectly.

I’ve got to say, I think the overall style winner for me was Kate Bekinsale. The actress absolutely shines in her silver dress, which accentuates her curves perfectly. Lesie Mann also impressed me. Although she is wearing just black, the dress fits her like a glove and in my book, good tailoring never goes out of style.

Zoey Deschanel also stood out for me in Oscar de la Renta – working pretty old Hollywood glamour chic like only she could. I’ve also included Jennier Lawrence in my best dressed. Some critics aren’t a fan of her Dior number I’ve heard, however I think she looks radiant and style pulls off the tricky design beautifully. I’m also glad she’s not afraid to be daring with her fashion choices.



So I think I’m going to have to say that my worst dressed overall is Hayden Panettiere. The actress just gets it totally wrong – making her Tom Ford gown, dare I say tacky and she’s not helping it with those pointy shoes either or the slicked back hair!

Battling for second and third place I’d say is Sandra Bullock in her three-tone disaster of a dress and Drew Barrymore. I mean, I know Drew’s pregnant, but that doesn’t mean she has to put on a tent covered in flowers! She should definitely take note of Olivia Wilde, who looked stunning in her Gucci dress (above).

Then you’ve got Reese Witherspoon, who looks like she went back to the nineties in her boring blue Calvin Klein number and Julia Roberts, who looked far too bland in Dolce & Gabbana.

I’m sorry ladies, but you’ve gotta pull out the big guns for the Globes!

*Picture credits: Getty Imates

Remember, let me know who’s outfit you loved!

Boxing day sales: Why you should skip the high street and just stay in bed!

a-funny-bed-quotesNow I’m sure people are waking up this morning and getting ready for another day of eating lots of yummy goodies and drinking faaaar too many Xmas spirits.

However, if you are like me, Boxing Day means only one thing… SHOPPING!

Yes those legendary Boxing Day/January sales have now started – hurrah! Now back in the olden days, we would have all been jumping in the shower right now, frantically rushing to get down the high street to make sure that we were the first ones with our hands on that half-price sparkly Topshop top before the blonde next to us nabbed it. Or pushing a granny out the way so we can grab those reduced luxury Christmas cards for next year.

However… it has now all changed. Yes, we have this amazing this called online shopping (hallelujah). Although this is probably the worst thing to ever happen to my bankcard, it is also the best thing ever to happen to my wardrobe. You see, I cannot STAND sale shopping on the high street.

I mean, you walk in a shop and it is literally just like a jumble sale. Usually I just grab anything that has my size on it, pay and get out of there before I end up with an elbow in my eye. This ends up with me getting home and questioning myself to the reason about why I bought those inappropriate gold hotpants which I will never wear in my life.

mince pieWhereas, online shopping is a totally different ball game. Sat in your comfy bed, or on the sofa, it is so damn easy. I mean, you don’t even have the disappointment of something not being in your size, as you search for this on the handy sidebars. Plus, you can do all of this in your jammies, whilst you have a mince pie and a glass of champers in your hand – heaven!

I mean sure, you are not burning off as many of those calories stamping down the high street. But hey it’s Chrimbo, who even cares about that now!

Now there is the argument that this kind of behaviour is “killing off the high street”. I do agree with this to some extent, as I would hate not having a high street, due to the fact it is one of my favourite hobbies to go shopping for some new clobber on the weekend.

However, I think that for Boxing Day, you’d be stupid to leave your comfy home to go shopping, seeing as you can do it on your own settee with that new ‘Despicable Me 2’ DVD playing in the background.

So go forth my friends, eat, drink and shop for those amazing bargains to kit out your 2014 wardrobe with!

And have a very merry Boxing Day x

Please note: I wrote this article whilst in a onesie, drinking a glass of champagne. 

Get your boyf to cut his hair Kelly O!

Photo credit: David Simms/WENN.COM

Now I’m not one to judge when it comes to looks, HOWEVER I do have a recommendation for Kelly O‘s boyfriend, Matthew Mosshart


I know that sounds harsh, but he just should. I mean, look at that gorgeous face of his – those piercing blue eyes and his chiseled cheekbones. But they’re all being ruined by the never-ending curls.

Now if he was a female, I would be dead jealous of the luscious mane. But he’s a guy for christ sake. I don’t care what anyone says, if you’re a woman, there is no way that you would want your boyfriend to have longer hair than you.

Think of all the products he must have to use to keep it that shiny as well. I think it would turn me right off if I saw my guy rubbing some Frizz-ease into his hair.

I think it’s time that Kelly needs to get tough with her man and tell him those locks need to go. Even if its just for the sake of getting her hairdryer back!