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My five best links from the internet this week #2

Obviously being a blogger, I am always on the internet looking for inspiration and reading lots of articles. So I thought I’d share with you the best links I’ve found this week. Hope you enjoy & let me know if you’ve spotted a good article too this week!

1. If Guy Best Friends Acted Like Girl Best Friends



This Youtube video from Buzzfeed is actually hilarious. It features two guys who show us what it would be like if men acted like girls with their friends. I definitely recognize a lot of this in my friendships I have to say!

2. Gorgeous yet affordable homeware brands you’ve never heard of



Buying clothes is my number one hobby, but I also love buying cute homeware too. This Stylist magazine article is great for finding some fabulous new brands.

3. London Film Festival highlights 2014 – 25 LFF films you need to see


I love films, I love London and I love festivals, so what better event is there than the London Film Festival (LFF). This handy guide from Time Out London tells you about all the films you need to see at the event. Hopefully I’ll manage to get myself to some!

4. 46 brilliant short novels you can read in a day


I absolutely love to read, but I can’t always find the time. That’s why this article from Buzzfeed is great, as it lists tons of books you can read in just 24 hours – amazing!

5. From Nutella croissants to Malteser macarons, the desserts made from our favourite chocolates


Another one from Stylist here all about making cakes & desserts out of your favourite chocs. Absolute heaven!

Five links I’m loving this week #1

linkSo I haven’t done a links post before, however I have really enjoyed them when I have read them on other people’s blogs as it’s led me to some great content!

I also have seemed to stumble across loads of great links recently, so I thought I would share.

Let me know if you’ve particularly enjoyed any of the links I’ve shared, or share some of your favourite articles of the week below in the comments section if you have any!

Sam x

1. 13 breakfast hacks to start the morning like a champ

Mmm, who doesn’t like breakfast?! Don’t you wish you could have it for every meal of the day! There are definitely some tasty treats in this article. I am particularly loving the chocolate chip muffin in the microwave and the pancakes out of cake mix – YUM.

2. 6 things you can do before breakfast to make your day a success

Anything that helps me make my day a success before I’ve even had my Weetabix is good by me.

3. 8 brilliant brownie recipes you have to make

Do I have to say anymore? BROWNIES.

4. 10 apps you never knew you needed

They had me at no.1 – an app that find thee nearest pizza place? I’m in

5. Why consistency is key to blogging & traffic

Well I had to finish off with a blogging link didn’t I? Some great points and tips in this article.

That’s all for this week folks, but keep a look out as I’ll probably be doing another link post soon!

Boxing day sales: Why you should skip the high street and just stay in bed!

a-funny-bed-quotesNow I’m sure people are waking up this morning and getting ready for another day of eating lots of yummy goodies and drinking faaaar too many Xmas spirits.

However, if you are like me, Boxing Day means only one thing… SHOPPING!

Yes those legendary Boxing Day/January sales have now started – hurrah! Now back in the olden days, we would have all been jumping in the shower right now, frantically rushing to get down the high street to make sure that we were the first ones with our hands on that half-price sparkly Topshop top before the blonde next to us nabbed it. Or pushing a granny out the way so we can grab those reduced luxury Christmas cards for next year.

However… it has now all changed. Yes, we have this amazing this called online shopping (hallelujah). Although this is probably the worst thing to ever happen to my bankcard, it is also the best thing ever to happen to my wardrobe. You see, I cannot STAND sale shopping on the high street.

I mean, you walk in a shop and it is literally just like a jumble sale. Usually I just grab anything that has my size on it, pay and get out of there before I end up with an elbow in my eye. This ends up with me getting home and questioning myself to the reason about why I bought those inappropriate gold hotpants which I will never wear in my life.

mince pieWhereas, online shopping is a totally different ball game. Sat in your comfy bed, or on the sofa, it is so damn easy. I mean, you don’t even have the disappointment of something not being in your size, as you search for this on the handy sidebars. Plus, you can do all of this in your jammies, whilst you have a mince pie and a glass of champers in your hand – heaven!

I mean sure, you are not burning off as many of those calories stamping down the high street. But hey it’s Chrimbo, who even cares about that now!

Now there is the argument that this kind of behaviour is “killing off the high street”. I do agree with this to some extent, as I would hate not having a high street, due to the fact it is one of my favourite hobbies to go shopping for some new clobber on the weekend.

However, I think that for Boxing Day, you’d be stupid to leave your comfy home to go shopping, seeing as you can do it on your own settee with that new ‘Despicable Me 2’ DVD playing in the background.

So go forth my friends, eat, drink and shop for those amazing bargains to kit out your 2014 wardrobe with!

And have a very merry Boxing Day x

Please note: I wrote this article whilst in a onesie, drinking a glass of champagne. 

Get your boyf to cut his hair Kelly O!

Photo credit: David Simms/WENN.COM

Now I’m not one to judge when it comes to looks, HOWEVER I do have a recommendation for Kelly O‘s boyfriend, Matthew Mosshart


I know that sounds harsh, but he just should. I mean, look at that gorgeous face of his – those piercing blue eyes and his chiseled cheekbones. But they’re all being ruined by the never-ending curls.

Now if he was a female, I would be dead jealous of the luscious mane. But he’s a guy for christ sake. I don’t care what anyone says, if you’re a woman, there is no way that you would want your boyfriend to have longer hair than you.

Think of all the products he must have to use to keep it that shiny as well. I think it would turn me right off if I saw my guy rubbing some Frizz-ease into his hair.

I think it’s time that Kelly needs to get tough with her man and tell him those locks need to go. Even if its just for the sake of getting her hairdryer back!