One for the boys: Dressing to meet your in-laws

o-MAN-SUIT-facebookI’ve decided to do something new and write my first male-focused post! Exciting, huh? 

This is basically for any guy who is about to meet their girlfriend’s parents for the first time. The post was inspired by the fact that my sister Kerri has just got a new boyfriend and he is meeting our parents for the first time this weekend.

She was telling me that he’s a bit worried about what to wear, so I thought I’d write this post for him and any other guys out there who might be worrying about meeting their partner’s ‘rents. 

So hello boys if you are reading the blog for the first time and girls, if you have a new man in your life who hasn’t met your parents yet, why not suggest a read of my suggestions below. 

Hope you enjoy!


Think smart

The main thing you will want to ensure is that you look smart. This doesn’t mean you have to wear a three-piece suit, but it does mean that what you do wear should be clean, washed and ironed. After all, no mother wants to see their daughter with a man who can’t even be bothered to wear a clean top! Items you may want to stay clear of on a first meeting with the in-laws however include ripped jeans, band tops and joke t-shirts, as they can be distracting.

Dress for the occasion

It is important to look smart, however remember that it is crucial that you dress for the occasion. If you are visiting the home of your in-laws, then it is fine to wear trousers, however if you are going on a family picnic, don’t be afraid to wear shorts and (clean) trainers. Dressing too smart for an outdoor activity may leave you looking a little silly.

Stay away from bold colours or patterns 

You may think that your bright orange stripy t-shirt signals that you are fun, however it’s probably not the most sensible thing to wear on your first meeting with your partner’s parents. Muted colours such as white, black and navy blue are much safer and will ensure that your girlfriend’s family will concentrate on your personality, rather than be distracted by your dress sense.

Wear the right shoes!

As every mother knows, there is nothing worse than a man in bad shoes. You may not think that the in-laws will notice what’s on your feet, but they certainly will. This means that all shoes should be cleaned and polished if possible. You will also want to make sure that they work well with the outfit that you are wearing. For example, don’t wear trainers with suit trousers and certainly don’t even entertain the idea of socks and sandals – you may never be asked over again!

Don’t forget your personal hygiene

As well as concentrating on the clothes that you wear, it is important that you also make sure your appearance is up-to-scratch too. For example, make sure you wash and comb your hair, have clean fingernails and have brushed your teeth. Parents are far more likely to think that you will be able to look after their daughter if you look after your own appearance too.

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