My five best links from the internet this week #2

Obviously being a blogger, I am always on the internet looking for inspiration and reading lots of articles. So I thought I’d share with you the best links I’ve found this week. Hope you enjoy & let me know if you’ve spotted a good article too this week!

1. If Guy Best Friends Acted Like Girl Best Friends



This Youtube video from Buzzfeed is actually hilarious. It features two guys who show us what it would be like if men acted like girls with their friends. I definitely recognize a lot of this in my friendships I have to say!

2. Gorgeous yet affordable homeware brands you’ve never heard of



Buying clothes is my number one hobby, but I also love buying cute homeware too. This Stylist magazine article is great for finding some fabulous new brands.

3. London Film Festival highlights 2014 – 25 LFF films you need to see


I love films, I love London and I love festivals, so what better event is there than the London Film Festival (LFF). This handy guide from Time Out London tells you about all the films you need to see at the event. Hopefully I’ll manage to get myself to some!

4. 46 brilliant short novels you can read in a day


I absolutely love to read, but I can’t always find the time. That’s why this article from Buzzfeed is great, as it lists tons of books you can read in just 24 hours – amazing!

5. From Nutella croissants to Malteser macarons, the desserts made from our favourite chocolates


Another one from Stylist here all about making cakes & desserts out of your favourite chocs. Absolute heaven!

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