Southsea photobook

Now, Portsmouth gets a lot of flack for being the a bit rough sometimes, however it is getting a lot better with things such as the Gunwharf Ways outlet, where you can shop designer and see our very own tower, the Spinaker.

My favourite area of Portsmouth has to be Southsea however. Now, some people don’t even class it as Portsmouth as it is so different. With the beach, pier, loads of shops, restaurants and bars it’s like its own little town.

I’ve always wanted to live in London & many parts of Southsea remind me of East London with their alternative boutiques, vintage shops, cool bars and pubs & with an added beach too!

I had a day off this week, so made the most of it & had a proper day out in Southsea. Check out my photolog of the day below…


Left: The Parlour cake shop on Albert Road. Right: Some of the yummy cakes on offer!


Left: The lovely Southsea beach. Right: A retro cafe.


Left: Southsea street art. Right: A cute house


More cake at the Garage Lounge in Palmerston Road washed down with an elderflower lemonade. 




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