Product Review: Herbal Essences ‘Fresh Balance’ Clarifying Shampoo

herbalI have always had quite thick hair & I’m used to it being quite big, which I like.

However, just recently my hair felt really bogged down for some reason & definitely wasn’t as bouncy and full as it usually felt. I had been using a colour protect shampoo as I had dyed my hair a red shade and I know that it fades easily. I don’t know whether this was the reason it felt heavy and flat if it was locking in the colour, but I definitely knew I needed to try something.

Feeling a bit down about it (you know what us girls are like) I asked my friend and fellow beauty blogger Lauren what she thought I should do. She suggested a clarifying shampoo.

So, off to the shop I went in search of one. I looked in Boots & Superdrug, but I literally couldn’t find any and thought I might have to go online. However, as a last resort I tried a Tesco Extra and found Herbal Essences ‘Fresh Balance’ on the shelf.

Personally, I love Herbal Essences as a brand. They offer a wide range to suit all hair types, smell lush & are not too expensive!

I decided to go the full wack and buy both the shampoo and conditioner. These were £3.79 each, which are a tad more expensive than the other types in the range, but it’s still not expensive and I definitely needed to try something.

On first use, I noticed the gorgeous smell. With citrus blossom extracts it really creates a gorgeous fruity aroma in the shower. The shampoo also lathers up lovely, more than any other shampoo I’ve used.

I washed my hair with it twice and noticed that it left a squeak after I did, which made me feel like my hair was really clean. I followed up with the conditioner after, which had an equally great smell and left my hair feeling soft.

When I got out of the shower I was eager to dry my hair to see what it was like and I definitely wasn’t disappointed… Before when I went to comb my hair the brush kept getting stuck in the knots, however it was now coming through easily and I had my big bouncy hair back. I was so pleased that I had to take an Instagram of the effect straight away!

I know it’s sad, but you definitely feel better when your hair is better and this product helped me do that so I would definitely recommend it if you feel like your hair is a bit flat and bogged down.

The only thing I would say is that it might not be suitable for everyday washing as it may leave your hair a bit dry. If you do wash your hair everyday though, you could just alternate this shampoo with another.

But yes overall it’s a massive thumbs up from me – Herbal Essences you’ve done it again!

Let me know if you’ve used this product of if you have any wonder shampoos that you use.

Sam x

P.s. This shampoo and condition are buy one get one free in Tesco at the moment so snap it up while you can!

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