#WednesdayWisdom: Dalai Lama

wwSo I’ve noticed there’s a trend of #WednesdayWisdom going around on the internet & I’ve decided I want to get involved by sharing one of my favourite quotes each week.

This week I’ve chosen this little gem from the Dalai Lama (see right).

I agree with this quote totally as I think that life is all about having new adventures & seeing the world that we live in. I mean, why just stay in one place when they are so many different places to explore?!

I decided last year that I wanted to go on more European city breaks this year. I went to Berlin last month and am off to Rome this week!

However, it doesn’t have to be abroad. Why not just try a new restaurant that’s open instead of your usual go-to diner, or visit an exhibition that has just opened. This quote is all about not getting stuck in a rut and making sure you make the most of life and the experiences it offers.

I hope this post has inspired you a little! Let me know if you’ve had any great trips/experiences lately or what your favourite quote to live by is!

Sam x



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