Film Review: ‘The Other Woman’

other womanSo seeing as I’m am having a chilled bank holiday, I decided to go to the cinema tonight (Sunday May 4) to have a relaxed evening.

There were two films that I’ve been wanting to see, ‘The Other Woman’ and ‘Bad Neighbours’ (mainly because of how hot Zac Efron looks in it). Seeing as I’d already arranged to see ‘Bad Neighbours’ with my friend Lauren on Wednesday, I decided to opt for the former. 

I’d heard great things about the film from friends and I also love Cameron Diaz so I was really excited to see it. Check out my verdict below… 



I’m sure you got the gist from the trailer if you’ve seen it, but basically the concept of film is that a wife and two unwitting mitsresses of an absolute rat of a man gang up together to get their revenge on the lying scumbag.

Cameron Diaz, who plays Carly is pretty much the main character & mistress number one. She is a high-flying New York City lawyer, who has concentrated on her career but thinks she may have actually found the one when she meets suited-and-booted Mark King (Nikolaj Coster-Waldau). He’s fit, he’s loaded and they have a definite spark (and loads of sex), so she basically thinks she’s hit the jackpot. She’s even willing to introduce him to her father until she finds out one little detail… he has a wife.

Yep, poor Kate King (Leslie Mann) is unaware that her perfect hubby is doing the dirty on her until Cameron Diaz, clad in a sexy boiler suit, turns up on her doorstep to fix Mark’s plumbing problem, that isn’t actually real. Instead of hating her rival however, the two strike up an unlikely friendship when they realise they have both been duped by Mark.

Their bond gets even stronger whboobsen they realise there is a second mistress on the scene, Amber (played by Kate Upton), who joins in with their tirade against the abdominal businessman.

So basically the three woman put, as they word it, ‘the brains, the boobs and the wife’ together to defeat the evil Mark.

Still following? Good.

So on they go carrying out their plan to bring down Mr King, with some humourous antics happening along the way. Oh yeah, also Kate’s (the wifes) brother Phil (Taylor Kinneyis in it too & he’s really hot.

My Verdict

So now you know what happens in it, is it really worth seeing?

If I’m totally honest, I wasn’t the films biggest fan. Cameron Diaz is great in it as usual – she’s beautiful, smart, charismatic and down to earth (did I mention I had a girl crush on her?) and is probably the best part of the film. Leslie Mann however is just kind of a bit annoying in it. Obviously anyone who finds out their hubby is cheating is going to be a bit loopy, but her slapstick performance felt far too over-the-top for me & left me irritated. She calms down at the end, however by then you’ve kind of already had it with her.

Kate Upton isn’t bad at it, although there isn’t much depth to her character. In fact, I can’t remember a single line she said really, just the fact that she has great boobs in it.

Nikolaj Coster-Waldau is fine as the leading man, however he is just playing the cartoon villain as usual. There was nothing extra to his performance than in any other rom-com male cheater.

nickiAlso Nicky Minaj is in it as Carly’s (Diaz’s) receptionist. If I’m honest I definitely don’t think Minaj is suited for the big screen. With her almost scarily expressive face, huge bum and weird accent, it is kind of too much to look at  and listen too in such high resolution. Oh yeah and Taylor Kinney is yummy and fit, I like him.

Overall the storyline has a good premise. I just felt there was so much more that could have been done with the film. I mean, it’s fair to say that the film is predictable as you imagine in to be. The characters are all just hollow stereotypes with no unexpected quirks (although I still do love Diaz).


I just think when you have other ‘girly’ films like Bridesmaids’ and ”Pitch Perfect’ that are doing it so well these days, you have to raise your game. These stereotypical, unsurprising films just aren’t going to cut it anymore. Having said all that I would probably watch the film if it was on TV, but would be playing on my phone or something at the same time.

Star Rating

A rather drab 2.5/5 stars from me I’m afraid!


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