Selfies out & Birkenstocks in, according to report

birksSo news comes that selfies are no longer in fashion according to a new report…

E-cigarette company Vapestick carried out a poll on 20-somethings to find out what would be the ‘cool’ trends of this year and what was totally out. 

According to, selfies topped the list of things that are totally not cool for 2014. Selfies have been big news already this year, woth the #nomakeupselfie cancer campaign raising millions for breast cancer charities. However, it may be this kind of widespread exposure that has means people in their 20s are really not into them anymore.

Dating app Tinder came second in the list. This sees users being able to scroll through potential lovers on their phone and only contact the person if both people like each other. This was followed by dungarees, platform heels, bum bags, kale (?) and Miley Cyrus.

Meanwhile, when it came to what is totally in, according to the report, Birkenstocks took the top space. Yep, the slightly ugly and non-flattering shoes (see right) which originated in the 60’s are apparently going to be all the rage this year. This was followed in the ‘hot’ list by baking, socks and sandals (erm), Lupita Nyong’o and Voga.

I don’t know about you, but to me this list sounds very strange. I mean, since when has socks and sandals EVER been okay?

Let me know if you really think the selfie is dead and if you are going to be working some birkenstocks… 


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