Why the cancer awareness selfie campaign totally worked

lolNow when I first saw that people were doing selfies to raise awareness for cancer , my first thought was “Really?”

I’m pretty sure you’ll be aware of what it is by now, but basically if you’re not, each girl  just has to post a photo to Facebook or Twitter, make-up free, in order to raise awareness for cancer. She then has to tag her friends in it and get them to do it too.

Basically, it is a replica of the ‘neck nominations’ which occurred on Facebook a couple of weeks ago where people had to film themselves downing a pint of alcohol and then tagging their friends.

To be honest I didn’t see how taking a photo of your face make-up free and then tagging your friends really helped cancer causes at all. It seems other people had the same opinion as me, as I started seeing statuses moaning about all the selfies. I also saw many people suggest that it is far better to donate money than just post a picture and getting 15 or so likes.

And that’s when it dawned on me how smart the campaign was.

Orgainsers saw what an uproar the neck nominations caused and jumped on it straight away. However, they used it for good instead of something stupid that ended up harming people. The fact that it did cause so many divided opinions and attention means so many people are donating that wouldn’t have done without it – which is a win in my eyes.

The thing is however that I’m unclear who is behind the campaign at the moment. I mean, I assumed it was Cancer Research UK, but the organisation issued a statement on its Facebook page claiming it wasn’t behind it.

Those at the charity did suggest that anyone who wants to help raise money for cancer research, selfie or not, should text BEAT to 70099 to donate £3, which is exactly what I did. You can also donate more here.

So, if you do post about cancer awareness, make sure you let your friends and followers know about the text number or the donation link. This will mean you will be actually raising money as well as bringing attention to the cause.

Sam x

P.s. I’ve included a no make-up selfie of myself above 😛

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