Check out this US designer’s dessert shoe range…!

ds5Shoes have always been a treat for the eyes right? However one designer has even made them look mouth-watering thanks to his new range…

US designer Chris Campbell has created a whole line of dessert-based shoes that look good enough to eat! From ice cream, to chocolate Oreo and cupcake-themed shoes, you will be licking your lips when you see these awesome shoes that the designer is now stocking in his Florida shop, The Shoe Bakery. 

Mr Campbell uses 3D designs and actual baking tools to make the designs seem as realistic as possible. Each pair is hand-crafted and takes around three-to-six weeks to complete, as the designer adds the likes of ‘sprinkles’, ‘icing’ and ‘cherries’ to the shoes. 

In fact, the designs are so good that Mr Campbell said he has had to convince people they actually aren’t sweets. He told this week: “People think they are edible all the time. When we first came out with our shoes, most of our time was spent explaining to people that they are not edible.”

Also talking about his idea for the designs, Mr Campbell said his inspiration came from the fact he love cake so much, adding: “One day I thought why not combine those loves together and bring something new into women’s fashion and that’s how the Shoe Bakery was born.”

Considering how much work is put into each pair of shoes, they are quite reasonably priced, starting from £60. The top pair will cost a little more at £200 however. You can even get your own pair custom-made to a specific design, according to

As well as women’s shoes, there is also a youngster’s range, so mummy and daughter can have patching pairs – how cute!

What do you think of the range? Let me know below or catch me on Twitter @sammyloubelle.

Sam x



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