It’s all about: Tartan

tartanHello everyone,

This is my first post where I am going to focus on a current trend that’s huge at the moment. However, instead of just showing you who’s wearing it today, I’m going to take you back into the past a little to provide fun facts about where it came from & how it became so popular in the first place.

This post is all about tartan! The trend has been huge for 2014 so far, featured in numerous stores and also being rocked by a host of celebs including Lady Gaga, Kanye West, Beyonce and Rita Ora – who turned up looked fab in the material at New York Fashion show just this week.

But how did tartan gain its rise to fame and what’s the story behind the material? Find out with my fun facts below, some may surprise you…

#1 We all know that tartan is from Scotland right? Well apparently its not!  According to the textile historian E. J. W. Barber, the first traces of tartan were actually found on the British Isles

#2 Tartan was a big hit with the royals back in the day. King George IV started a big trend for the material over in Britain when he visited Edinburgh back in 1822 and Queen Victoria & Prince Albert even decked out Balmoral Castle in a “Scots Baronial” style – e.g. lots of tartan

#3 Due to its ties with royalty and the military, tartan has always been associated with dignity and exclusivity

#4 Tartan became big in fashion during the Victorian and Edwardian periods – where it became a material for women’s clothes, as well as mens

#5 The material was synonymous was the punk fashion look of the 1980s, heavily led by Vivienne Westwood and hardcore bands such as Minor Threat and Fear

#6 Different patterns of tartan represent different Scottish clans who’s name have to be specially approved by the State of Scotland

And there you have it – you can now impressive your mates with all your tartan knowledge!

Let me know if you love the material and who you think has rocked it best recently. I’ve included some of my favourite tartan looks from late below…

Sam x

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