On trend: White Nails

white nailsNow, I am definitely a big fan of nail art & trying out some creative designs when it comes to nails. However, I have gone for something different…

There is something uber-chic about white nails. They look sophisticated, perfectly understated and chic.

They also go with any outfit too. As you can see in my main picture, I wore them with my basketball jersey top (which is from Primark if you were wondering). However, the next day, I wore a white blouse and black blazer and the nails still matched perfectly. This just shows how versatile the shade is.

I’ve also had the most compliments in ages than I have about them – which is a nice added bonus.

I used Barbara Daly ‘snow’ shade (available at Tesco) to achieve this look. The only thing is that I bought this nail varnish absolutely ages ago – I mean years. I looked on the Tesco website & can’t see the product still on sale, however you never know, it may still be in-store.

I can’t recommended the brand enough though. I managed to achieve a nice, glossy even colour after just two coats. It hardly chips either, but I would recommend putting on some topcoat just in case if you are planning to keep the shade for a while.

Let me know if you like white nails or have tried them yourself…

Sam x


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