WIWT: Cheap Frills Seven Seas Cameo Necklace

cheap frills necklaceSo I ordered this Cheap Frills Seven Seas Cameo necklace ages ago – in fact you can read the post about it’s arrival here.

However, today is the first day that I have actually got around to wearing it. You see, my style has been a lot more urban lately, rather than vintage-y so I haven’t really had many outfits that I would think the necklace would do justice until now.

I bought this comfy pink jumper from New Look the other day which I thought it would match perfectly with. I am also wearing it with black tights and a black skirt. Seeing as I am in for the night, I’m not wearing and shoes, however if I was I would definitely be rocking some slipper pumps or a pair of black brogues.

Unfortunately this necklace is now sold out, but if you like what you see, you should definitely check out the Cheap Frills site as they have loads of great stuff on there. Considering it is all handmade too it is great value.

Sam x

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