Diet Tip #2: Cut out the diet coke!

no diet cokeFollowing on my last diet tip post about what you should eat, this post is all about what you shouldn’t have if you want to stay trim.

I used to think diet coke was a saint. No calories, tastes nice & fills you up because of the bubbles = skinny bod right?

Well… it may not add inches to your waist instantly, however it could in the long-run.

I used to religiously glug diet coke at all hours of the day. As a mid-morning pick-me-up, after lunch, when I got home from work, hell even at 9am in the morning some time. I couldn’t get enough of the stuff.

Obviously I heard that it isn’t great for you because all of the additives & stuff, but I thought that if it wasn’t affecting my waistline, why did it matter?

So, coming from me, the world’s biggest ex diet coke addict, let me tell you now… STOP DRINKING IT.

I decided that it was going to be my new year’s resolution to cut out the stuff – and guess what? I actually did! Yep, ever since that clock midnight on the 1st Jan 2014 I have been staying away from the fizzy stuff.

And why was this? Well I knew I was drinking too much of the stuff and hearing that it was bad, I decided I wanted to try swapping to other drinks such as water or fruit juice.

What I found was that the results were amazing…

Within about a week I had tons more energy and I mean tons. I was waking up brighter, getting everywhere on time instead of ten minutes late and feeling a lot more energetic.

This made me a lot more happier as I was achieving things and being productive. Feeling less tired also meant I was less likely to snack and more likely to get on that treadmill!

I’ve been keeping it up for the last two months and honestly it feels great. I would honestly recommend it to anyone as it’s so worthwhile in my opinion and has had a big beneficial impact on my health.

Let me know if you’re a religious fan of coke, whether you’ve tried quitting – I would love to hear your feedback!

Sam x

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