My five top tracks of the moment #2

So I thought I would bring you guys another post about my top tracks of the moments as I’ve updated my Soundcloud playlist recently.

This weeks offerings are a bit all over the place though – with some dance tracks, rock & even Paulo Nutini‘s new track after he disappeared for a bit.

Let me know if you’re also a fan of any of the songs & let me know if you have any recommendations about any artists/bands I might like.

Sam x

P.s. Unlike the last post where I included the Soundcloud tracks in the post, I have had to just link the titles to the sounds as WordPress won’t let me include the tracks this time for some reason (boo). Sorry for that!

1. Route 94 – ‘My Love’ feat. Jess Glynne

I heard Greg James playing this on Radio 1 the other day. He said that loads of his listeners had been requesting it, which I am definitely not surprised about, as it is an absolute tune! I’m definitely going to listen to this before nights out to get me ready to party.

2. Paolo Nutini Scream (Funk My Life Up)

After five years away, Paolo is back! I definitely have to say, I’ve missed his gorgeous little face & raspy tones. ‘Scream (Funk My Life Up) is the first release from his upcoming album ‘Caustic Love’, which is out this year. I definitely don’t think it’s a out-and-put classic, however I still haven’t played it that much, so I’m expecting it to grow on me. I can’t wait to hear what the rest of the album sounds like too!

3. Royal Blood – ‘Out Of The Black’

This is literally one of the best rock tracks I’ve heard in ages. The two-piece Brighton duo are unashamedly loud & know a thing or two about a good riff. The band (made up of Michael Kerr on bass & vocals and Ben Thatcher on drums) only formed last year, but they are already making waves & will be supporting Arctic Monkeys at their Finsbury Park shows later in May this year. I can’t wait to see what they come up with next.

4. Julio Bashmore – ‘Peppermint’

I heard this track ages ago and loved it, but I still haven’t had enough! In fact, I actually saw the guy himself perform it live at Brixton Academy. I don’t know if the whole house scene or a night out is for me, but I definitely know that I love this track.

5. Bombay Bicycle Club – ‘Luna’

After being away for three years, Bombay Bicycle Club are back and sounding just as good as ever. I love this jaunty little track – it definitely puts a spring in my step when it appears on my playlist. I’m excited what else is going to be on their upcoming new album ‘So Long, See You Tomorrow’.


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