Diet Tip #1: Metcalfe’s skinny topcorn

popcornNow, being a lover of food, I definitely am not one of those girls who lives off just lettuce leaves every day to stay skinny.

However, due to the fact that my love for food is so vast, I have to make sure I have a few simple tricks to keep my figure in check, whilst still having some yummy treats everyday.

My latest discovering is Metcalfe’s skinny topcorn. Now, normal popcorn has been around for ages, being sold (highly over-priced might I add) in cinema’s for years. However, this is actually the yummiest popcorn I have ever tasted, I tell you.

It also really healthy too, with even less calories than most diet crisp brands. I bought a multi-pack of four of them today and there is just 52 calories in one of those bags, so practically nothing! Although you may think it’d be carby too, there are only 7 carbs in each of these bags, which again is less than a bag of crisps.

The flavours they do are amazing too. The ones I purchased today were sea salt, but they also do salt’n’sweet, which is divine. I saw in the store today too that they do spicy’n’sweet, which really intrigued me, but I wasn’t brave enough to try yet!

So basically, if you are a popcorn fan & looking for some healthy snacks to put in your desk drawer or kitchen cupboard, definitely invest in some of these. They also do family sized packs, which you could use to still be kind of healthy on DVD nights, rather than having a multi-pack of crisps or chocolate.

You can buy Metcalfe’s skinny topcorn from their site, or find it in most supermarkets.

Anyway thanks for reading & let me know what you think if you buy any & try some!

Sam x


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