Shopping is good for us – it’s official!

It is here, the news we have all been waiting for…

Shopping is good for us!

Yes, that’s right, no longer will you have to hide those shopping bags with guilt, as some clever scientists from the University of Michigan in the US have found that retail therapy is actually a real thing.

The researchers carried out three experiments which found that shopping can give people a sense of control and make them more motivated. They even found that those who had been shopping were up to three times happier than those who hadn’t, according to

Talking about the research, the scientists told “Our work suggests that making shopping choices can help to restore a sense of personal control over one’s environment and reduce sadness,.”

They continued: “Retail therapy – shopping that is motivated by distress – is often said to be ineffective, wasteful and a dark side of consumer behaviour, but we propose that retail therapy has been viewed too negatively, and that shopping may be an effective way to minimise sadness.”

Hear hear, I say!

Photo credit: The Monarch House 


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