Cheap Frills: My new jewellery favourite

cheap frillsI love wearing different jewellery and matching it with the outfit you’re wearing each day, so I am always on the look out for new brands.

I happened to stumble across Cheap Frills when I was looking at the blog Milkteef where I noticed Emma wearing her gorgeous fox necklace in her tartan scarf post. I clicked the link and knew I had struck it lucky when I saw all of the gorgeous designs on the Cheap Frills site.

The jewellery is also handmade by Brighton creator Georgia, who started the company in 2011. All the designs are also really usually, which is great if you want to stand out and make sure no one else is wearing the same as you!

My first who purchases were the ‘hello’ and boat necklace (both right). I loved these two pieces, as I thought the ‘hello’ necklace would add character to any outfit, whilst the boat necklace would go perfect over a woolly jumper/dress combo.

I could have bought tons more items, however I was trying to limit myself!

You will love the packaging too if you order something from the site, as it comes in a cute stripy bag, complete with a rubber seal – uber elegant!

CLICK HERE to check out the site & there is also a gallery below of some of my favourite items available on there at the moment.

Sam x


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