Nail Art #1 – Orange & Leopard Print feature nails

nailsOkay, so I have decided that I want to start getting more creative with my nails in 2014. So I will be doing a series of nail art posts to document this.

I know it’s not the new year yet, but I thought I might as well start to prepare…

The first look I have tried is orange and leopard print feature nails. Feature nails are when you decide to pick one nail to show off and have something different on, just like a feature wall in your home.

I decided I would try orange and leopard print, as I love contrasting leopard print with a really bright colour. However, if orange isn’t your shade, feel free to try any other bright colour, such as pink or green as these work great.

What you will need: 

Barry M Gelly Nail Effect polish – ‘Satsuma’ (£3.99)

Leopard print nail wraps (Ebay) – £1.99


Step 1, Orange Nails

I decided that I would try our Barry M Gelly Nail effects ‘Satsuma’ shade as I have had this in my nail bag for quite a while now and I was intrigued about how gelly paint would differ. I was pleasantly surprised by the results of this. The paint dried quickly and only needed a few coats for a thick, full and vibrant shade.

I painted this on my thumb and three of my fingers, missing out the wedding finger (left hand), as this was my feature nail. I repeated this step on the right hand.

Step 2: Leopard print nail wraps

After that it was time to get the leopard print on! This is really really easy the way I do it, as I just use nail wraps. When you buy the pack you are given strips of the print and you just cut this out to the size of your nail. You then place them on your finger and press down. After you have done this, get a hair dryer and just place it above the nail for a few minutes, rubbing down on the nail to make sure it is secured on.

And there you have it, gorgeous fancy feature nails! If I have a tip though, I would say avoid pairing this nail look with any leopard print clothing, as then it might be too much. However, pretty much anything else will look great with it.

Happy painting! X


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